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Highland Games - 2017

This information is courtesy of the CASSOC web site

Please note that the information is subject to change and no guarantee of accuracy can be made

May 20-21            Regina Highland Games, Regina, SK
May 20-22 Victoria Highland Games, Victoria, BC
May 27   Kingston Scottish Festival, Kingston, ON
June 1-3   Regina Mosiac, Regina, SK
June 10 Georgetown Highland Games, Georgetown, ON
June 10     Grand Prairie Highland Games, Grand Prairie, AB
June 17 Cobourg Highland Games, Cobourg, ON
June 17      Red Deer Highland Games, Red Deer, AB
June 17      BC Highland Games, Coquitlam, BC
June 29- July 6   Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Halifax, NS
July 1   Embro Highland Games, Embro, ON
July 1 Penticton Scottish Festival, Penticton, BC
July 2-9     Antigonish Highland Games, Antigonish, NS
July 7-9 Kincardine Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Kincardine, ON
July 13-16             Festival of Tartans and Highland Games, Pictou, NS
July 14-15   Cambridge Highland Games, Cambridge, ON
July 14-16 Orillia Scottish Festival, Orillia, ON
July 28-30 New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival, Frederickton, NB
August 4-5 Glengarry Highland Games, Maxville, ON
August 6     Montreal Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Verdun, QC
August 10-12     Scottish North American Leadership Conference, Guelph, ON
August 11-13 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Fergus, ON
September 9-10     Trenton Scottish/Irish Festival, Trenton, ON
September 16 Comunn Gaidhlig Thoronto Gaelic Society of Toronto Picnic, Orillia, ON
October 6-14       Celtic Colours in Cape Breton, Sydney, NS

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